Richard, Beryl and Laura Too

After finding a large collection of nearly four hundred slide transparencies in a junkshop I began an investigation into the lives of Richard and Beryl Grunwell, the couple who had taken these photographs in the early 1960’s.Working like a detective I followed clues, made links and conducted a series of investigations into destinations and objects contained in their holiday photographs. This led me to quirky encounters, such as a fiherman who hated fish and amazing revelations, such as a stranger knowing the ‘Museum Man’ in the found slides, and a house covered in shells while on my search for a connection with Richard and Beryl. As sole keeper and curator of this intimate collection I discussed it alongside my own family photographs and tales of my research trips. Richard, Beryl and Laura Too was a critical discussion concerning the nature of the image, the archive and the fragmented make-up of our own personal histories and memories.