How To Start a Collection

How To Start A Collection, 2013  was a publication produced as part of my residency in the Wales ArtistResource Programme (WARP) library in G39, Cardiff The residency ran between January and March,2013, the residency was an opportunity to have a period of research and exploration with the library and respond to their collection of catalogues, periodicals,  artist publications, maps, guides, DVDs pamphlets and monographs and other miscellanies.

The WARP Library is a resource for artistic research,a platform or venue for text based and reading events or workshops, a source of inspiration for artistic activity.

A series of talks and seminars on themes related to the project such as art writing and self-publishing happened in parallel with the residency and in partnership with Literature Wales, poet Rhian Edwards was appointed to interact and converse with me and my work. Two poems The Stacks and Burning My Diaries by Rhian are included in the publication.

The publication also includes an interview with my brother about his exploration of metal music From Norwich To Norway and essay I Knew I Had Fallen In Love With Lolita Forever; But I Also Knew She Would Not Be Forever Lolita by Joss Edwards.

Download ‘How To Start A Collection’