Edition of 400, printed by Short Run Press, 32 Pages, 18 x 11 cm, 76g, Softcover binding
An imaginary pink carpet artwork situated in a gallery in East London
Stereoscopic orchid portraits
John the neighbourhood paedophile
A letter to my Dad
Vincent Van Gogh postcards
Me in the future, the past and the present
Failed family artists
A piece with a stolen title from a B52’s song
A suitcase with a photograph of my doppelgänger
I watched a friend of mine put the book into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. It wasn’t intended to fit this discreet pocket but it does. Intensely autobiographical the book travels back and forth through time with real and imagined histories accompanied by found images. Honest is an artist book supported by the Arts Council of Wales. It was the second part to Worksheets series exhibited in Mostyn (Llandudno) 2014.